Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My first posting as an introductory

You might wonder why I picked Home Power for the Title of my blog.
I think many people would choose to live a different life stile if they could create their own electrical power to run their own home.
My post will consist of a number of my ideas and my progress through studying and practicle application of the John Bedini, Nikola Tesla and Edwin Gray technology towards the very goal of my own Home Power; while continuously striving to help others with a variant toward alternative energy with technical and practical hints and tips of how to’s. Out of my rural setting I might also include the odd little story, garden post or even a cooking recipe towards accomplishing a more independent, free and different spice to life, be it materially or spiritually. I’ll try to refrain of the spiritual part for the freedom sake of the reader. Although I wish you‘d be aware that my life is fed by the Other Home Power, meaning spiritual Home Power…. God’s Power which wisdom you will notice as you go on.

In order for you to find out who Ganderwings really is, you’ll find his wings soaring through his non profit website pages full of information leading you through facts, plans, drawings, sketches and photos which you won’t easily forget, by the following links below:

about the truth facts and global fraud concerning the courts, judges, police, money grabbing lawyers and global elite banksters, and how you can free yourself of their claws with the knowledge of the truth which is the now-time-truth-law by the now-known-fact with the truthful language format into the now-time-jurisdiction-truth-law;
about an outline how to go about to change you fiction entity legally into a true entity with the claim of the life in the truth;
about legally claiming your own car and driving it with your own private plates;
how about a university language professor who got shut down by a school dropout like me, by clicking:
http://www.fight-4-truth.com/Facts.html ;

about how to build your own battery chargers from scratch for cleaning up old sulfated batteries or better yet, keeping the batteries you are using alive indefinitely;
about how you can learn how to build and use John Bedini’s SG Circuit to switch radiant aether energy from scratch building self running motors through my work shop:
http://www.fight-4-truth.com/Parts%20Page.html ;

about my John Bedini SG replications;
http://www.fight-4-truth.com/Replication%20II.html ;

about how to build your own self running window motor;
about how to build your own self running magneto generator towards home power:
http://www.fight-4-truth.com/Schematics.html ;

about how to design your own crossflow turbine;
about an out line in how to build your self a truly economically warm home:
http://www.fight-4-truth.com/Alternative%20Energy%20Page.html ;

about the sense and purpose of our stay on this earth, loving our neighbor by our actions and how to gain everlasting life:
http://www.fight-4-truth.com ;


And here we have a bit of German text/ Deutsche √úbersetzung:
I probably will leave this first post for a while so it can sink in, ‘til I add my second one.