Saturday, October 11, 2008

Free energy / overunity / perpetual motion machines?

I sent this certain forum the following two posts:

Post #1
Re: Using a pump as a Generator

Hello Bill,

How big is your small stream? The 5 foot head is not bad for m-amp battery charging even if you use a small plastic pump sized to your gallon/per minute flow, although those pumps are not efficient. You would probably be better off using a squirrel air fan in your stream driving a stepper motor (see:
coming close to a crossflow turbine if you don’t want to go through the effort building a proper crossflow turbine for your stream, see my Webpage:
It just depends how much effort you are willing to spend.

I use a fencer myself running it at night against bears and deer, shutting it off in the morning to charge my one dollar 12V deep cycle battery with a dinky 10 x 14” solar panel, which works like a hot dang. Watch the ground rod/cop. tube; it must be in wet ground. Install the fencing wires alternatively, hot, ground, hot, ground, which is very effective on dry soil especially.
See my other page just above INDEX NO. 5--- text about my one dollar battery:

You can not draw current from a battery while under load and keep your battery alive, which is the reason car batteries do not last, hence in your daylight case you would use two batteries while the one is running the fencer the other is charged with solar power using a double through switch.

In the other hand if you like challenges, then build yourself a small Bedini battery charger which, runs itself off of a 30.00 dollar (Canada) garden tractor battery and forget the hydro problem. It will charge its own battery and also charge your fencer battery. Again thumb through my WebPages, the info is all for free: INDEX: oo Monopole magneto 11a.


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Re: Info on batteries

Hi Jason,

The different cell voltage of your bank is a sign of plate sulfating and is always apparent on second hand batteries and a problem, unless you have the proper charger to heal the batteries be it a deep cycle or just a car battery. As you might be aware, a 1280AH batteries set won’t justify to its capacity doe to sulfating.
In your case I would consider fixing your battery bank and all your other batteries with the small (better is the bigger size) Renaissance Charger RC-2A12 :
a product result of the New Revolutionary Technology Giving New Life to 12V Batteries, which is a Radiant Charging challenge to industrial charging standards.

A battery is the heart of any home stead or vehicle; without it there is no TV or motion.
Now with the phony new law out in Canada, forcing the operators to run with the lights on at day time is the fastest way to kill any battery in short order. You can not draw power from the battery while charging it without ruining the plates by heating them and placing the electron movement and ionic bond into turmoil with sulfating as a result. Also the high current input of the alternator is heating the battery as it is constantly killing the dipole which means warping of the plates (damage), which can be also a problem with high current windmill operation. To remedy this problem construct an alternator with HV/ low current output, charging batts.

A quote from John Bedini: “There is only a potential radiant charge that makes up a dipole. This energy makes up everything we touch and use in our electrical circuits as we know them. The electrical circuits as we know them are flawed, meaning they burn up the dipole that is free in nature… If you kill the dipole you loose the energy. The dipole killer is the electron current in the circuit.”

There is a remedy to this problem. Use two batteries, one for running the other for charging on a switching system. For optimum operation you would use a proper Bedini high voltage low current self-running home built Radiant charger, see INDEX: oo Monopole magneto 11a, which improves the live of the batteries.
Check out these two pages or more: INDEX: 00 Monopole magneto 11a


Twice in two days I posted the above messages only with the result being deleeted after a few hours without any comment from the moderators.

The forum owner is banning correspondence on "Free energy, overunity and perpetual motion machines" in his policy.

Have you ever seen Canada Ganders fight for their positions in nature?

Well... here is a thread of a BC Gander fighting an opponent:

Below, I am answering a moderator who has answerd my previous email, which you will find at the very end of this post, if you're interested:

XXX XXXX, October 5-08

Your email of Sept. 26
>I wonder if you had a problem posting maybe... it
> seems odd, because looking over the records, no posts have been removed
> since Sept 20. so I'm slightly bewildered, are you sure the posting
> ever actually got placed?

What records? All posts should be easily visible in your computer files unless someone erased mine! Are you telling me you people keep a file of all the rejected posts? Or are just trying to pull my leg? It would suggest that some one in your group is not honest!!!

Below you’ll find my comments to your last correspondence.

>after sending my last email I read more of yours (sorry - Im behind...) >and figured out your user ID. Your account was blocked by one of the >moderators... too much bedini stuff I guess (that was his comment). >That's not allowed on fieldlines, its overunity stuff ~ we try to focus >on practical stuff that works. further comments below.

Correction: My account was not blocked at first, rather my posts where erased without given me a decent reasoning.
I don’t’ just try to focus on stuff that works but work with stuff that works, which is not a stab at you, but only a direction towards the points I’m trying to make against your vague reasoning.

>absolutely - if we promoted the idea of bedini and lots of other >unworkable (in my opinion) overunity/perpetual motion magnet motors etc,
>we'd sell tons more stuff! I don't believe in selling products for ideas >that I think are unworkable - this includes the Bedini motor.

The Bedini motor works for me and many others who use it to fix discarded sulfated batteries with.
Thumb through my web pages where you will find plenty of prove and also free instructions in how to do it:

>Im sorry - but I've been in the magnet /renewable energy business for >over 10 years now and theres nothing new there. This bedini thing has >been going on for a long time - it's wasted a lot of peoples time and >money. There is no free lunch. We used to allow discussion of it on >fieldlines - now we clearly state that its not allowed (Because at one >time our board was getting really messy with really impossible ideas). >There is some free energy out there (wind / solar/ hydro) - overunity >magnet motors are not one of them though (in my opinion)

You remind me of an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand who does not know what is happening around him concerning the magnet /renewable energy business! Also, are you talking about people and their hear say or getting a free lunch your self? It can’t be Bedini, because nothing is free what his technology is concerned! Obviously you’ve never really tried to build any Bedini design. I can vouch for the opposite of your negative statement because all motors of which I built work according to Bedini’s blue prints. Fact is, many people try to shut down Bedini mostly hired by the oil barons/illuminati. I can understand well why you closed down undisciplined discussions on Fieldlines. If one does not strictly moderate a forum with proper discipline, all hell will brake loose caused by the rich controllers especially if there is talk about any kind of home power.
You are using the words of “free lunch”, “free energy”, “overunity” and “perpetual motion” which you will not find any where in mine or possibly Bedini’s Website positively spoken of!

>It wont pan out though because you're talking perpetual motion here! You
>plan a motor/generator that uses less energy than it generates and so >far as Im concerned, its impossible. Folks have been trying (and lots of ....??? folks have been deceived) ever since the electric motor and generator
<- not understood how to measure strange wave forms or...

<- been a con artist

Obviously the blog provider is meddling by HTML with my post in the paragraph above.

I seriously question your integrity and ability to see right from wrong, reading the above lines and am inclined to line you also to the illuminati stooges. Perhaps you could be just plain ignorant of these facts, which is no excuse. Shut off the idiot box, place the bier aside and do some home work. How you can honestly place statements like that above is beyond me, well knowing of the past existence of Nikola Tesla, Harry E. Perrigo, Rory Johnson and many more who’s work where producing more output then input who got eliminated by the elite killers. You should rephrase:
>Everyone who claims success so far has:
>- not understood how to measure strange wave forms or...
>- been a con artist
-been killed or reduced by the elite killers!!!

Take your blinders off man and admit your wrong because here is prove against, your correspondence based on nothing.
John Bedini is one of the reduced inventors because the egotistical Ken Watson who sold Bedini out to the elite killers by building a Bedini 12KV Radiant Energy converter, running it off of two 12 volt batteries without discharging them in Colorado Springs Tesla Symposium on 10-12 August 1984!! We have pictures of two machines Watson demonstrated.

>there are fairly well proven laws of physics (and laws of physics are >god given tools that we need to be using) that tell us its impossible.

You must be kidding me or are you just simply that severely brain washed by the banker’s systems (Schools)? Perhaps you are talking of the god of this world, which is satan! God, meaning the Creator’s laws are here to stay, but mainly ignored with you as an example, whereas laws of physics can be disproved. Don’t take my word for it, just reed
The laws of science are various established scientific laws, or physical laws as they are sometimes called, that are considered universal and invariable facts of the physical world. Laws of science may, however, be disproved if new facts or evidence contradicts them...

>Yes, there can be no such discussion on our board - there are better >places for you to discuss that stuff if you insist.
>Fieldlines is focused on practical - usable - renewable energy, mostly >home built systems and mostly wind. Bedinis ideas are not welcome there.

I am not insisting against your forum rules which contents do not line up with the Bedini technology, having nothing to do with free energy nor perpetual motion like you are stating. A self runner is by no means perpetual (un-interrupted), steady maintenance is required. Your reasoning for deleting my posts stink. If Bedini’s ideas are not welcome on your forum then change your rules and say so. All Bedini motors on my Website are home built systems and the big ones are more involved/expensive to build than your wind mills, but more practical and more rewarding. The Beidni circuit can be used in a wide variety of motors, it simply replaces the commutator of certain electro and magnetic induction motors.
In any case, before you try to ridicule and insult an inventor about his invention, stop taking gossip serious, read up on the invention and try to build it first yourself exactly to his specivications, which most people will not do, obviously with the result of failure and instead looking at their own stupidity they are wining thereafter blaming the inventor.
If you are a well meaning hombre, you’ll take this to heart, if not, it is your loss!
: Erwin-Badertscher , AKA Ganderwings

My previous email:
Hello Xxx, September 29-08

I spelled your name correct this time, my apologies about Sept 28 email, dear fellow.

As far as my posting problem to concerns, I feel, you people possibly thinking, the self running Bedini technology would be a hindrance to Forcefield’s magnet business transactions. I can assure you that this is far from factual and the opposite of the truth.
The windmills have the props for driving the magnet rotors. A Bedini self runner would need a few extra driving coils to drive the magnet rotor which means a bigger rotor with the result of more magnets. Once it hits home many people could change their windmills and you will be benefiting!

I like Hugh Piggott's alternator and am in fact at this moment designing a star configuration with 12 generator coils and four drivers, with the result having to use either 15 or 17 - ½ x 1 x 2” Neo magnets per disc, times two ---> between 30 and 34 mags. per unit. You can be the first w-sight for me to advertise my new design from my website if you wish, if my design pans out, that is. I am trying to help people not hinder them!

As you can see therefore your worries would be wrongly founded.

I would appreciate you getting back to me about this. If you still think my posts are a thorn in your eyes let me know why, I will understand and then please feel free to take Ganderwings off your list.

: Erwin